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Nothing and No One Is Ever Finished

I’ve got an audio blog that I recorded for you today. After getting some writing done at a cafe in south Austin, I was inspired to share my sentiments on the importance of recognizing when its time to let go during the creative process. Before I share the audio, I want to ask you to mark your calendar for the official

Launch Day of the Convivial Lifestyle Guide | Volume 1 | Thursday 8 November

It will be available for purchase and full download right here on the site in less than two days! I’m so excited I could shart my pants, BUT…I won’t.

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Okay, so back to what I promised…




After listening, can you think of a time you felt afraid to let go of something so dear to you and what happened when you finally did release the fear?







Advice From Pulitzer Prize Winning Author Junot Diaz

In 1995, I read a short story written by a then up-and-coming writer, Junot Diaz  in The New Yorker titled How To Date a Brown Girl (Black Girl, White Girl, or Halfie) and I never forgot this Dominican-born wordsmith. The now Pulitzer-prize winning author, Junot Diaz came to Austin the last week in September and made a pit stop at Book People. I was lucky enough to catch him while he was in town.

I knew there’d be something powerful about being in the same room as Junot, a man who has endured this solo pursuit known as the writer’s life that I am coming to know so well. I arranged a sitter and made plans to be there–I even put on a necklace for this occasion.

At 15, Junot made me laugh and any girl can appreciate that. But more than that, his story felt close to home. It reminded me of my brother and all of the guy’s from our block in Chicago trying to get girls. He pin-pointed the vulgarity so common among teenage guys perfectly. There’s no denying he puts the time into his craft and continues to share the best stories.

This is the power of words and true art. Once it reaches you, I mean, truly sets off emotion in you, then its the real deal and a moment to remember.

Now he’s published a third book called This Is How You Lose Her. It was  interesting to see the diverse crowd gathered to hear him speak and read that night. He’s funny, humble, and his language is raw. He is who he is.

I had yet another full circle experience when I got the chance to ask Junot the question, “Who supports you?”

I had to ask, because the man’s been on his own creative quest for at least 20 years and I know staying in the game that long is no easy feat. When you make the choice to heed the call of the creator in you, to share what you’ve got deep inside of you with the world, because you are compelled to do so, it can be a very lonely pursuit. And for that reason, you need people in your corner to keep the fire lit under you. He let us know that two women were at the heart of his writing. “They vett all my shit,” he said.

Want to hear Junot’s full response on the need for supportive networks in the pursuit of your creative calling? LISTEN HERE

Some of my favorite quotes from the audio clip below:

“To stay in this game, you need your ovaries well placed.”

“You’ve gotta have the heart.”

“You’ve gotta believe this stuff matters.”

What artists inspire you and why? Share your favorites in the comments below and let me know if anything in today’s blog or the audio clip speaks directly to your experience.  




Behold The Unveiling: Convivial Society relaunches as The Convivial Woman

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It’s the most anticipated event we’ve all been waiting for…

Relaunch Day for!

Before you make your way around the site for a peep at what’s new, I’d like to share a personal message on audio with you, but first, this quote…

“The work of art is another human mind incarnate; not in the flesh and blood, but in sounds, words, or colors.” -The Art Instinct: Beauty, Pleasure, Evolution



As The Convivial Woman, I am here to say…
Every woman is a masterpiece.
An extravagantly unique & inimitable creation. Her very existence is a great work of art.

And ask the question…
So, how do you treat a work of art?

It’s my personal commitment to live the answer…
With dignity. Reverence. A sense of majesty. And a sense of humor.

My desire is to inspire the same in you.

I’m all about Convivial Living…

joyful connecting, conscious action, and uncompromising self-care, and I plan to fill this space with a plethora of refined word gems to demonstrate that. When you make a conscious choice to see and treat yourself as a work of art, you inevitably create a life of artful intention for you and the world around you. That’s what we’re here to do.

“I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, man.” -Jay-Z

The Convivial Woman is not only my artform, it’s also the work I’ve been called to do in the form of articles, lifestyle guides, 1 on 1 strategizing sessions (think: creative brainstorming/dream accountability partnerships), intimate workshops and travel retreats. To receive updates, news and special links and offers on events as they happen, sign up here.

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With fierce admiration,

Cheryl Chavarria

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Are You a REAL Woman? – Audio Blog

What makes you a REAL woman? How many times have you been coached on how to be a real woman by other women? What wild and silly things have you been told while growing up and even now as a grown woman that make you question your abilities, intelligence and ultiimately, your worth?

I was inspired to ponder these questions while peeling potatoes. The proof isn’t in the pudding, but the potatoes that inspiration can come from anywhere.

In the following audio blog, I share a few stories and thoughts on how the majority of messages we, as women, get that make us feel inadequate and not enough are, most times, perpetuated by other women.

When it comes to men, I’ve only been made to feel bad when showing my strength and will- as in taking initiative and being assertive, self-directed and passionate (their words: Bossy, Demanding, Controlling, Emotional).

I still need to work on those words pushing my buttons, because it’s just that- someone pushing my buttons because they are uncomfortable with me exercising my power. This is just my experience, but I can’t remember a time when a man literally told me I wasn’t a real women. I don’t mean for this to sound condescending or sarcastic, but what do they know about being a woman, hence the reason the messengers are usually women.

Let’s get to this audio already!

Peeling Potatoes

If you have any similar stories to share, I’d love to hear them so send a comment any time!