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The foundation of any society is its people, and the people cannot begin to exist without…the Creator. And did you know that your art cannot begin to exist without you for YOU are a convivial creator in your own right?

Your place as a co-creator in this world, over your own life, with where your dreams lie, is paramount and should be treated as such, but it starts with seeing yourself that way, every day.

You are the foundation, the one who makes YOUR life convivially possible.

There is a creative spirit in us all, one that is defiant and doesn’t surrender to what is. It fights for what could be, what it dreams to be, what it believes it already is, and it goes out and creates it, makes it reality.

Are you defiantly creative?

The Convivial Woman exists to serve as a consistent reminder, a whisper, a nudge, and sometimes a kick in the ass to encourage the work of art in you. She’s here to encourage you to make the choices that express and share your creative gifts with the world, that allow you to create and live a fully-realized convivial life. And she’s here to talk about the struggles that come along with it.

Are you ready to heed the call of your spirit?

Here’s your official invitation to be part of The Convivial Woman mailing list, because a society filled with people who recognize, encourage and promote one another’s artistic abilities and dreams is a convivial one indeed. There’s no other like it, anywhere. And its constantly changing, just as you should be.

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