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Honor Your Space…Yourself

I was listening to life coach, Cheryl Richardson on Hay House Radio today while working on my dream board. The show, “When in Doubt, Throw it Out” talked about the importance of getting rid of clutter in your life and the effects it would have on you physically, mentally and spiritually. I’d been feeling the need for cleaner spaces, order, and happy colors, the need to go from “What happened?!?” to “What’s next?” Cheryl quoted Albert Einstein as saying, “Out of clutter, find simplicity.” As I pondered the quote, I felt grateful for the validation Cheryl’s show offered me in that moment. My intuition had been whispering my underlying desire to clear my space, and even my calendar, and thankfully, I was listening to my spirit’s call for calm. It felt good to know I was on path, working toward simplicity day by day, clearing up space to open up my world for even better people, experiences, and things. Honoring my space means I honor me and everything about me.


The Bossy Bohemian

Bossy Bohemian…one of many ways I see myself. What’s this alter-ego like? She, well, me…better yet, I view the world with an open, winding, ever-expansive mind. Always questioning, searching for the lesson, the teacher, the meaning in everything. I’m intrigued by and attracted to words like gypsy,vagabond, artist and entrepreneur, but commit to no labels, belong in zero categories. I’m a humble snob. A possible combo in my own little private Bohemia. I pave my own path, make my own judgment of character and circumstances, and choose relationships and experiences that cause my spirit to rise up and say “Cheers.” I shower and choose to let days, weeks pass without razor in hand, giving in to my curiosity to see how long armpit hair can grow. With intention to spoil the man in my life, I slowly and gracefully shave…taking such precious moments to smile and appreciate the sweet, subtle scents of my body while considering all the ways she has worked for me. A simple act of maintenance turns into a moment of gratitude, of being present, which in turn conjures up my respect for the female anatomy, my love for her…for me…for humanity. I am not mistaken for someone who lets herself go. No, I am certainly well-groomed, definitely put together, consciously standing tall before you. I say how I feel, eat close to nature, and love how I look. I dress in turquoise and indigo and know the effects such hues can have on the spirit, how they can penetrate through to my inner being and guarantee a stronger, more confident stride, hence footprint on this round mother of an earth. I’m sassy and compassionate, accepting and kind toward my fellow woman, flower, man, child, creature, land. I say what my tongue craves…motherfucker among the favorites. I dabble in this and that and don’t worry about a profession “defining” me. However, make no mistake about my professionalism. I happily wander, get lost, find my way again, then get lost again, and wander off again. It’s confusing, I know. I am. To you. To me. And guess what? It’s all good. I’ll be misunderstood most times, by most people, and I won’t be liked sometimes, many times, but it’s all part of the game and every new day I get to play, I understand more. Patience and faith are good friends of mine and I continually take risks and step forward into the unknown with eyes wide open knowing the answers await me. Bossy bohemian…it’s my way of being and it gets me through this convivial life. So as I dance my way back into the every day routine of things, I sign off and encourage you to go on with your bad-bossy-bohemian self, girl. We all have a bit of her in us.


Discover Your Style and Make a Statement

I’m a faithful supporter of Danielle LaPorte’s site called White Hot Truth and am grateful for the moment in time we shared at her exclusive Austin, Texas Fire Starter Session in September 2009. Her energy was radiant, sexy, alluring, enlightening-my kind of company. She co-authored the book Style Statement and so I got a copy to appease my curiosity and potentially discover more about myself and what I wanted to say to the world. After some serious fun scribbling down and analyzing all the little idiosyncrasies that make up who I am, I discovered (well, already knew but wanted the confirmation) that my style statement is:
Genuine / Sensual. Ultimately, I have the final say about who I am and this book’s conclusions about me are not the end all, but I’d still like to recommend the experience of getting to know oneself better via the Style Statement book. If you’re interested in causing the gems that make up your mind, body and soul to surface and reveal themselves, grab a copy of the book and get started answering some pretty intimate and intriguing questions about yourself. I’ll post my personal notes and insights gathered from this fun experience at a later time.

Learn more about finding your Style Statement here.


Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards. – Kierkegaard


Say Yes To You

“If you say YES to yourself, if you let your imagination fly, if you open one stuck, fear-wharped door, other doors you never even noticed fly open, pushed by a spirit strong as a hurricane.”

Beverly Donofrio, author of Riding in Cars with Boys

Say “Yes” to people and experiences that nourish your spirit; it’s mandatory, top priority. Me, myself, and I…take care of numero uno and the rest falls into place.


Spare some Change?

Spare change…we hear it as the folks ring the Salvation Army bells at Christmas time…we hear it from homeless people, the less fortunate…and we only think in terms of money…but what about the literal sense- Can YOU spare some CHANGE? Life Changes? How deep will you dig into your own pockets for that kind of change?


The silent witness in you has all your answers.



Choice. Experience. Life.

Everything is our choice…every situation, every person we grant permission to enter and affect our life, is our choice. We choose to be in whatever state of mind we want to be in, and most times, we choose to remain there.

So if it’s a negative or potentially negative experience for you, pay attention to every sign and put a stop to it, leave it, walk away, kill the thoughts you have about it that keep you there, simply change it.

You have the ability and resources to do whatever needs to be done to get to the place you deserve…a state of happiness.


Begin To Notice

Sooner or later a person begins to notice that everything that happens to him is perfect, relates directly to who he is, had to happen, was meant to happen, plays its little role in fulfilling his destiny.

When he encounters difficulty, it no longer occurs to him to complain- he has learned to expect nothing, has learned that loss and frustration are a part of life, and come at their proper time- instead, he asks himself, why is this happening?…by which he means, what can I learn from this, how will it strengthen me, make me more aware? He lets himself be strengthened, lets himself grow, just as he lets himself relax and enjoy (and grow) when life is gentle to him.

Strengthened by this simple notion, simple awareness, that life is perfect, that all things come at the proper moment and that he is always the perfect person for the situation he finds himself in, a person begins to feel more and more in tune with his inner nature, begins to find it easier and easier to do what he knows is right. All chance events appear to him to be Intended; all intentional actions he clearly perceives as part of the workings of Chance.

Anxiety seldom troubles him; he knows his death will come at its proper moment; he knows his actions are right and therefore whatever comes to pass as a result of them will be what is meant to happen. When he does feel anxiety, he realizes it is because of that thing he’s been meaning to do but hasn’t done, some unfulfilled relationship he’s been aware of, but…he perceives the anxiety as a message that he’ll have to stop hesitating if he wants to stay high…he knows he is out of tune because he lets himself get out of tune; and because he knows he can, he begins to take action.

He enjoys his high life; does not enjoy anxiety; so he stops hesitating and does what he has to do. He does not live in a state of bliss, though perhaps he feels himself moving toward one- or toward something, he doesn’t know what it is but it is the way he has to go, the journey towards it is the only life he enjoys .

It is hard, it is exciting; it is satisfying, lonely, joyous, frustrating, puzzling, enlightening, real; it is his life, that’s all. He accepts it.

Sooner or later a person begins to notice…

-Excerpt from Das Energi by Paul Williams

NOTE: Reread this piece, but replace “a person” with YOUR NAME.
Example: Sooner or later, Cheryl begins to notice that everything that happens to her is perfect…
See the effect it has on your psyche and share your thoughts here.

Be Convivial.


Awake by Rumi

Whenever you’re feeling restless, instead of worrying about all the sleep you’re missing out on, realize that perhaps you need to be awake to get started on what real dreams are made of – YOUR dreams. Take this time to cultivate your passion…and if you don’t quite know what it is yet, simply trust in the power of the morning breeze and the answer will come to you.

Poetry by Rumi:


The Breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep.
You must ask for what you really want.
Don’t go back to sleep.
People are going back and forth across the doorsill
Where the two worlds touch.
The door is round and open.
Don’t go back to sleep.



Claim Your Life

“You need only claim the events of your life to make yourself yours.” – Florida Scott-Maxwell

We alter our lives by the opinions we hold of them. If we see ourselves as daring, we will dare. We can change our lives by changing our perceptions. We can identify those plots and patterns we wish to alter. While it is important to have the faculty of self-scrutiny, it is equally important to have the gift of self-appreciation. We can identify and cherish those character traits which are our strengths. I acknowledge and appreciate my own accomplishments and talents. I note when I do well and applaud myself for my merits. Such self-appraisal is not mere narcissism. It is the bedrock of solid self-worth.

I become the person I choose to be.

-Julia Cameron

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