The Entrepreneurial Spirit + Living Your Convivial Dream in Increments

It warms my heart to see all of the entrepreneurs out there spreading their message of hope and perseverance through their very example of living it. I know it inspires me every day.

I sit at a cafe and just outside the window, I see a van parked with decals that advertise catering and entertainment services. There’s nothing fancy about the van- in fact, I can see a few scrapes and dings in it.

The letters from the decal are starting to peel off, but the person driving this vehicle, and perhaps running this business is obviously not concerned with the condition of his van…his priority is on having reliable transportation for the chairs, tables, and bounce houses he’s offering in exchange for the cash that goes straight to his bank account. Ah…I see him driving away and silently, I wish him well in his endeavors.

(Note: Not the real van, but play along with me!)

What he is concerned about is paying his bills with the income he has created for himself, about how he’s going to get the next customer, and secure their business.

He’s not sitting in some office, whether it be leased or at home, waiting for the phone to ring. No, he’s hustling to get that business. How he goes about his hustle is what sets him apart from his competition.

Everyday that he is in business for himself, he makes the choice to wake up and face potential risk and rejection, one after another, because he believes he can achieve a sale, and provide a service derived from his own imagining, and deliver happiness.

He believes in himself, even when he doesn’t have all the answers. And believe me, as an entrepreneur, a visionary, an artist, you won’t ever have all the answers.

He is well aware of the tests he will continually face being an entrepreneur, calling his own shots as “the boss”. Those tests will never end. Once he reaches the top of one hill, there will be yet another in the distance for him to find the means and strength to climb.

Running his own show is all that matters to him.
There’s just no other way to live or be.

It’s the creative artist in him, living out those infamous questions that Twyla Tharp once posed in her book The Creative Habit:

:: Why do I have to follow all the rules?

:: Why can’t I be different? and…

:: Why can’t I do it my way?

Every decision he makes to further him in his business, along the path of his dreams and ambitions, it is he who must ask these questions and answer them with each choice he makes.

When you are connected to your heart’s desire, your actions funnel into the dream.

When you say or hear the phrase, “Live your dream,” or “I’m living the dream,” what visual do you get?

It always sounds like this grand idea, this panoramic visual of a life that seems unattainable, but when you break it down, the reality is that we have the ability to live many dreams.

Life is…but a dream! So live your life. Make it about living many small dreams.

When it all culminates in the grand scheme of things, you will have lived “THE” dream so long as you were committed to each dream.

What’s your dream?

I’m here to provoke and promote the work of art within you, so go on…get started!

Who’s to stop you?

Everything starts small. It’s only in looking forward that things seem complex, because perhaps, you lack the knowledge and wisdom of “how” to make it happen, but that doesn’t make it impossible. I go through this myself.

Once you fulfill a dream and you look back in retrospect, you come to realize how everything really can come together for you.

And once you fulfill a dream, guess what? You begin again!

You start anew, because life is about constant creation, constant change, so give into your evolution.

I’ve lived many dreams. I claim them now as once-lived moments in my life.
Today’s dream is The Convivial Woman.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Give in to YOU,

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[ PHOTO CREDIT: Me. Just wanted you to know I snapped that van in New York in Nov 2010 and thought it was the epitome of a “F*ck it, I gotta get to work!” situation! And it just so happened to work for this post.]


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