About This Site

Vision Statement

YOU are a Convivial creation. A living work of art.
The paintbrush, and the canvas.

When you curate your world with a flair for adventure, goals become actions; self-care, an anchor.

Creation is a celebration. Decision-making, a delight.

WE are Convivial Creators. Hell-bent on self-love.
The artists, and the collectors.

When we embrace a convivial reality, obstacles are banished;
self-doubt, cast out.

Strategies take flight. Mad missions ignite.

THIS is Convivial Living.

About The Convivial Woman

Art is life…and life is Art.
YOU are a Masterpiece.
An extravagantly unique & inimitable creation.
Your very existence is a great work of art.

And so, the grand question is: How do you treat a work of art?

With dignity. Reverence. A sense of majesty. And a sense of humor.

The Convivial Woman is hell-bent on self-love, conscious living, and recognizing the work of art within.

Hello? Is that your reflection in the mirror I just called forth?

Let me guess…you know your power, and revel in artistry.
You amplify your power through convivial living: joyful connecting, conscious action and uncompromising self-care.

You are fond of good company—including your own. And by surrounding yourself with other living works of art — your innermost tribe of fellow creatives — you curate a life of vivid intentionality.

I’m Cheryl Chavarria, writer and creator of The Convivial Woman and I choose to create the life I live on purpose. I don’t have all of life figured out, but one thing’s for sure…it’s gotta be convivial.

Are you with me?

Be part of a Convivial Society of defiant, creative straight-shooters, a world of art-loving and artistically committed kinfolk – enigmatic introverts, introspective extroverts, pragmatic idealists, and lifelong adventurers.

Tell me: Do YOU want to lead a Convivial Life?
Follow your Heart…(and you will)…Find your Art.

With fierce admiration,

Cheryl Chavarria