Sometimes you have to screw the screen and just get real


“Life is just better led when it is lived rather than viewed…now I find myself just taking in a moment, and I don’t have to post a picture about it.” -from Disruptions: More Connected, Yet More Alone

In this online space, I blog about putting yourself first, savoring the moment, and leading a more conscious and creative life. But…I must say, I don’t always follow my own advice.

Recently, I’ve had some great discussions about our current world’s incessant dwelling in digital land and how it’s hindering true living.

It’s easy to get sucked into this newly evolved matrix of sharing, texting, and posting because that’s social media and the culture we now live in, but for the love of your one life, don’t remain there.

When you put higher priority on sharing what’s happening in the moment with others who aren’t there (and probably never will be), it can be hard to savor your experience.

Look at me here. I’m out on the town, waiting on dinner, and I’m on my phone…


while my Dad and best friend (ya know, the people I am out with) visit with one another. I got a couple of those looks for sure. What was so important to check at that moment? I can’t remember. Not cool…not convivial.

I get in trouble with family and friends for having a smart phone and not answering it when they call because I usually keep the ringer off. When I was writing my book, it was something I had to do and decided to continue doing.

I don’t intentionally ignore, but I do my best to not be a slave to my phone- running to it when it rings, stopping what I am doing just to see who’s calling, getting interrupted and distracted again, to see what and who else needs my attention. This feeling of being pulled in many directions became more prevalent when I became a mother of two and I needed to curb it.

I decided that having a smart phone did not mean I am at the world’s beck and call. I am available, but not always immediately.

It’s a necessary choice and feels arrogant to say, but that’s how I get the things I want to do done. Otherwise, they’d remain to-dos on an ever-growing life list.

We are so fixated on capturing/documenting/sharing a moment, but if you ponder for a moment, with whom are you sharing it?


A sea of strangers online? People who really don’t have a permanent place in your every day life?

What about the person who is with you, live, and in person, right now? Oh. That person. Umm, yeah. Pinch them. They are real and ready to savor the moment, and life, with you.

As a lifestyle blogger, a woman possessed by the idea of convivial living, many times it requires me to forget the blog and just be present.

Leading a convivial life means there are no declarations or announcements to be made…you simply live it, breathe it, be it.


Placing your online presence over the essence of a true in person experience takes away from the fleeting moments to be cherished each day.

This must see video clearly demonstrates that. After watching, I’m sure you’ll want to leave your phone at home, in your car, purse, or outside of the bedroom.

It would be very considerate, and convivial, of you to do so.

Friendly reminder: I’m no avatar. I am very human, with raw feelings and hot mess tendencies and like I said, I don’t always practice what I preach, though I try.

On that note…you’ve just read a blog, on a website that I manage, so if you’ll excuse me, I need to hit publish on this post and then share on social media. See you in the comments section? 🙂

Well isn’t it ironic? Don’t ya think? It’s like r…


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Just read this post and watched the video, can I just say…I feel the SAME way! All too often I find myself really enjoying a moment/conversation but when I look at the person/people I’m with I can always spot someone on the phone whether it be browsing or texting (cause who actually talks on the phone these days?). It really is sad that we can’t just savor moments like we used to in our memories instead of having to constantly having to document everything for the world to see. I’m guilty of it too but have become much more conscious of what I’m doing and really trying to be present in every situation. Spread the gospel Cheryl, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it will catch on!

3 Oct 13

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