Venturing around Portland + Record Players in Cool Crafty Shops

I went to Portland last weekend to attend an unconventional conference and being that it was my first visit, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I’d heard my business mentor and cousin, Tony rave about it and now that I’ve been living in Austin for almost two years, I’ve become well aware of the comparison folks make about Portland and Austin, calling them sister cities.

This was a trip in which I went with the flow of each new day (true chillaxin’). What I’ve concluded is that I love my Austin, Tejas. Sorry P-landers.

I’m sure if you stay awhile, you’ll get the similar vibe amongst the locals of my town and P town, but as far as the way the two places look, I got more of a San Francisco (SFO) feel.

I have to say, no city has topped San Francisco for me…well, unless you journey to this colorful town south of the U.S. border or take an 8 hour flight for some fancy-shmancy bike riding in this Italian village.

I ate really well in Portland. A satisfied palate is crucial for any traveling, convivial woman.

My friend, Monica and I stepped into a few cool shops too.

Upon walking into Crafty Wonderland, I heard Dionne Warwick playing in the corner and was instantly transported back to that day I sat on a barstool singing along to Rainbo Brite, putting the needle on the record over and over again at age 6.

Here are a few snapshots from the conference and other moments that caught my eye:

Is that Leo Babauta on the left?

Stop back tomorrow to read about the best meal I had in Portland and the cafe that took my breath away. Until then…

Live your convivial life,

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Thank you for sharing these, Cheryl! I want to go next year, without a doubt! 🙂


I’m glad you enjoyed them! There’s more coming tomorrow on through the weekend. And let me know if you end up going to WDS next year and if you wouldn’t mind a fellow introvert for a travel companion!


Cool to see your pics, Cheryl!


Glad to have had another great photographer in the city with me!


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