Inspired & Home from New York (Pics)

It’s been three days since my return from an eye-opening weekend in New York. The memories continue to replay in my mind…the chemistry I felt with the city, with the women who surrounded me, the impact of the stories and knowledge shared by each speaker, and the guards let down and tears shed by various women of the audience at Rich Happy & Hot LIVE.

My second day back home, I shed some tears of my own as I spoke to a dear friend by phone and began to express my deep gratitude for our friendship and their continued unconditional love and support in my efforts to express The Convivial Woman and grow in the comfort of my writer’s skin. When someone believes in you and just loves you for all that you are and all that you’re not (yet), what a powerful force you can be in the world!

I love telling stories by way of the eye, and you’d better believe I snapped a good number of moments while in The Big Apple. So have yourself a look-see at my photojournalism skills! There will be plenty of time to share words, but for now, let this visit to Convivial Society be a visual experience to enjoy. Let me know if anything grabs you by the heart!

Click on the album to view and experience New York with me all over again:


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Cheryl, thank you for this! The from-the-plane shots are gorgeous. I really enjoyed your tour of New York. You look especially radiant in the Rich, Happy and Hot seminar. And just how beautiful is Urban Zen?!?!
Kudos to you for realizing your dream in NYC!

18 Nov 10

Cheryl, I am just blown away by your photos / reporting of your weekend at RHH! I couldn’t go, but I amlmost feel like I was there after following you all weekend & seeing your incredibly beautiful pictures. Thanks SO MUCH for sharing. Maybe meet you next year??


Thank you so much for your sweet words, Jenny! I’m glad you enjoyed them!


You’re blown away and I am humbled! Thanks for the feedback! Hope to keep the momentum! Thank you thank you!


Cheryl, I am so happy to have met you and connected.

Love what you are up to and hope we can be a wonderful support for each other. The pictures are stunning!!!


sweetness! the feeling is mutual, Hannah! thanks so much for the feedback. shuts my inner mean girls up! ;)P


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