My New York Minute: Day One

I’ve stopped to take a break in the Financial District to rest a bit and write.

So, I’ve finally made it to New York. It’s big, it’s sweet, and I’m definitely gonna take a bite outta this Big Apple. 

Day 1

Took an early flight. As the plane’s engine was revving up for take off, I peered out the window to see the airplane’s wings and thought, “Let’s do this!” Then…I fell asleep. 

When the captain announced it would soon be time to land, I felt the plane start to descend, so I decided to open up my window pane and just as I did, my eyes were greeted by the beauty of a perfect rainbow over the wings of the aircraft.

I felt pure joy in my heart and thought of the Buddha quote, “So in the beginning, the middle, and the end.” Things were off to a great beginning!

It had been a crazy busy few days before trip time and my body was suffering because of it.

Knowing that, I felt called to dance while in New York, to really move and shake the life back into this physical temple of mine so I reached out to Rochelle Schieck of the site to help me.

I’m intrigued by the idea of learning to see and treat exercise as a ritual, another outlet for healing myself, because for the most part, I live in my mind and don’t move enough.

I want to remember & feel alive

in my body and she was kind enough to invite me to dance with her tonight in Brooklyn. 

I’ve been working my way from midtown Manhattan to Soho to Little Italy to right now- a cafe in the financial district where I’m listening to the hustle and bustle of folks coming in and out, as well as some jazz playing throughout the place. 

Next stop will be the subway that takes me to get wise, wild and free.

When I took the “6” train earlier this afternoon, I couldn’t help thinking of J. Lo in her dancer days on the six. Hey, everyone’s got a dream…but it has to start in the most mundane, every day places.

If I can swing it, I’m going to stop by the Brass Monkey to meet up with some cool gals tonight, namely such online femme fatales and community organizers as Danielle Laporte, Bindu Wiles, and Kate Northrup. I’ll see who else I connect and dance with while here.

I’m looking forward to it all…


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