TGIF: Time to Morph into a Creative Homebody

Spent the day at Phil’s IceHouse chatting the afternoon away with a fellow creative who is starting her own photography business in Austin. Our kids played in the sun to their hearts content while we discussed our dreams at work.

We both grew up in Chicago and thanks to a mutual friend, we have discovered much in common: supportive husbands, life-loving kids, a good hairstylist, and the desire to develop our talents and create for a living.

That was my day out with the kids and now it’s time for this mama to chill.

Being that its Friday, I’m giving into the rest my body needs and declaring the rest of my evening a convivial sabbath. Growing up, I used to “keep the sabbath day holy” with my parents due to the religion they raised me in, but I’m not speaking in religious terms here today.

As a non-religious adult, the sabbath day for me now consists of connecting with the source of all creation that resides within me.

I’m prepared to do plenty of lounging, on the couch, and in my “house” clothes (AKA elastic waists for pants + zero bras).

There’s a stack full of magazines waiting for me, two books I’m working my way into, some writing to do, and maybe I’ll doze off with a kid under my arm or two as the night winds down.

That’s how the creative process tends to be…nonchalant and seemingly unproductive. There’s no “trying” with it.

Below are some of the reading materials waiting for my eager fingertips to reach out and caress their fresh pages this evening.

Maybe mayyyybe somewhere in between all of this, I’ll take care of the last two loads of laundry, clear the dishes in the sink, and have a meal ready for the men in my life. Please don’t mistake me for a super woman. I did say mayyyybe.

It’s just another snapshot into a day in the life of the woman running the show at this convivial abode.

This weekend, I’ve got some lunch dates planned with an old high school friend and my cousin, so I’ll get back with you on the sweet spots we check out in this hip Texas town, my beloved Austin, Texas.

What plans do you have for yourself this weekend? Whatever it may be, I hope it’ll be a convivial time and memory for you and yours.

Channeling Downtown Julie Brown and signing off now.

Wubba Wubba Wubba,

[PHOTO CREDIT for Phil’s IceHouse:]


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