Sound Conjures the Soul

Flashbacks. A moment in time. Memories made, forever ingrained. Ahhh…the beauty of traveling back in time to experience life in the present moment.

Want to ignite a feel-good moment in your body? Instantly draw up some much needed energy? Play some music, but not just any music. Choose a song from a time in your life when you were happy, inspired, amazed, and unstoppable.

Songs play in our hearts continuously

and there are times when life is kind enough to play “the song” just when we need it, to shake us up and out of a funk, but overall, it’s for us to make the choice to put the needle on the record once again.

I have tons of songs in my memory’s repertoire and they can instantly conjure up people and places, scents and feelings, pivotal moments in my life I’d love to return to, but physical time and space won’t allow. Good thing sound does the favor of bringing me back to those cherished moments, thus causing an instant surge of energy within me and returning me to innocence and extreme possibility.

The most recent song to add to my sound list came about like this:

It’s the first day of Rich Happy & Hot LIVE, the business and lifestyle event I traveled from Dallas to attend in early November .

I’m new to New York- heard many a story, seen plenty a movie scene set in this urban space, but this is my first time setting foot and exploring her concrete jungle. I’ve got nothing but the clothes on my back, a carry-on bag, my Nikon D5000, favorite pen and the courage and passion that lives within me to give this moment a go.

There were speakers at the event to inspire a room full of hot women with amazing dreams, turquoise-colored high heels, butterfly tattoos, fly girl dance moves, and fantastic fears. Obviously, this wasn’t your average business conference/seminar/workshop. In between each speaker announced, each break offered, Marie Forleo would draw us back to our seats for more inspiration by playing the following song, and of course, busting a few moves on stage to set the audience afire again and again. We’d head back to our seats dancing, sometimes even locking arms and swaying side to side, feeling lit up by the lyrics of the song.

If you’re on the verge of something great and need a quick pick me up, a song to get you in the zone, to light your fire, this is it.

Dream BIG and remember to put your player on REPEAT.

Here is the official theme song from Rich Happy & Hot LIVE, especially picked by hip hop lover & event host, Marie Forleo. It officially lives on in my memory with the purpose to inspire the convivial entrepreneur in me.


Here is a video taken of a moment at Rich Happy & Hot LIVE with Marie Forleo breaking it down to Jay-Z’s Empire State of Mind.


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Yes. I have been playing this song on an AS NEEDED basis to get back to the feelings and energy of the weekend! LOVE IT!


I am so obsessed with that song now, its not really the song but the feeling I get when I hear it 🙂


I surely kicked my bootay out of a slump! Glad it works for you too my friend.


Love seeing your picture next to the comment! Takes me back to the moment we first met. Aww:) And Jay-Z plays on…


Yup. This is definitely the song that will conjure the good feelings and memories of an amazing weekend. Beautifully written post my darlin xxx


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