How to accept everyone’s contribution to your life

The life of a writer, an entrepreneur, an artist, an activist, anyone going against the grain is a beautifully challenging one.

The tough part is seeing the beauty during those tough times, during those moments of doubt, during the times when the responsibilities that come with managing your way in the real world (i.e. working a job you aren’t fulfilled by, paying mounting bills, raising a family, finding quality education and experiences for your kids, etc.) seem to take over any time and energy you want to preserve for getting out to experience your life. It’s even harder when you feel alone in your quest to create the worlds you envision, when you feel no one understands why and what you’re doing, including yourself sometimes. The good news is…

There’s a spirit of extreme perseverance that resides inside each creative, inside you.

When you believe there is another way you can live your life, even if you don’t have all the answers right now, you are compelled to stand firm in your position and push through your blocks and detractors. You seek the opportunities, solutions, experiences, tools, and the company of the people who validate your purpose and help you reach your goal. You practice a devout faith of your own that assures you that all will unfold in its own time, its own way.

Be Aware and Let These Messages Motivate You

There will be people (and that inner voice of yours is no exception) along the journey who will tell you things like,

You’re doing nothing…
You seem lost…
I don’t know what you’re doing…
You’re crazy…
You’re dreaming…
What are you doing again?
Have you considered going back to work?
or worst of all,
they’ll say nothing and just sit back, judge your efforts, and sadly watch you stumble.

When you find yourself struggling to accept or see eye to eye with people who you wish could support you more, keep in mind that they don’t fully understand your experience, and perhaps they can’t offer you what you want, because their just as busy trying to understand what to do with their own life.

In many ways, we are a global community of creative folk, yet we are also very much on our own in getting the work, the experience of our individual lives under our belt.

When things get rocky and you feel unseen, misunderstood, taken for granted, try to reframe your thinking and remember that the people who challenge you and your efforts are potentially the biggest contributors to the story of your life.

That’s something to be grateful for and exercising compassion for the other person who can’t see what you see is necessary for your own health and sanity.

Such challenging moments between people you feel at odds with will be memories one day. There’s a chance the story may or may not turn out as you expect it to, but the beauty of it all is knowing that that person will still be part of your story and one day you’ll be able to tell the tale with ease and a heart filled with peace.


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