A Convivial Little Christmas

T’was the night before Christmas and all was aglow with the love and light that shined in my heart. It was the first time I was hosting a holiday dinner for my family.

We had the option to spend Christmas in colorful, colonial San Miguel de Allende or the cow tipping mini-country of Odessa,Texas (yeehaw!) where all our relatives would congregate, but we decided to pass on the big holiday gatherings and stay home to bask in the joy and company of just the four of us.

White candles burned brightly throughout my home and it was beginning to smell a lot like… turkey. I was a rookie at this whole roasting a 21 pound bird thing, but surprisingly, for a woman who doesn’t really like to get her hands dirty, it wasn’t bad. Okay okay, I confess, my husband handled the gutting and washing part! He made obscene comments and smacked it on its ass a couple times too.

We dressed to the nines

which meant a sparkly necklace for me, spiffy blazer for the hubby, and cute clip-on ties and Converse low tops for the boys. Indeed, this was a special day.

Chocolate chip cookies were placed by the tree for Santa, fancy China paired with crystal glassware dressed up our dining room table while Christmas music played throughout the day to mark the occasion. Once food and palate met, it was love at first bite. Our holiday meal wouldn’t have been as memorable had my firstborn not initiated the clinking of sippy cup with crystal glass for our family’s toast to a convivial and long life together.

Although my boys had high hopes of catching a glimpse of Santa before roof takeoff, they didn’t make it and were fast and sound asleep. My husband and I discovered that lounging in our robes and house slippers while nibbling on cheesecake cookie cups, lighting eight candles to symbolize our family’s years together, and listening to the sounds of Sade Lovers Rock were all outstanding ways to end our Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day proved to be wonderfully lazy.

Ahh…the joys of waking up to the laughter of my children unwrapping their Christmas presents, wearing absolutely no makeup, spending the day in pajamas, expecting zero guests, reheating delicious food from the night before, and taking long naps throughout the day. Can it get any better? I don’t think so.

After today, we’ll be gearing up to countdown the year and contemplate all that has been in 2010, but for now…from my convivial underground layer to yours…I hope it’s been a Convivial Little Christmas for you.


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Sounds like a fabulous holiday!!! So much love to you!!! xo


Love ya right back!


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