A Convivial Encounter with a Psychic

On Sunday, my dear friend, Becky came to visit and we decided to have tarot cards drawn and our palms read by a psychic.

I always had this phobia about seeing a psychic…you know, the whole being afraid of what they might say, of hearing something you didn’t want to hear, but on this particular day, I was open to the idea.

We were two girlfriends looking to create a convivial memory together and do something out of the ordinary, so this seemed fitting.

Upon hanging up to confirm our appointment,

I asked Becky, “Did she have an accent?”

Puzzled, she said, “Uh…yeah…”

I gave an approving nod and said, “Good. Then hopefully she’s the real deal.”

Becky cracked up laughing and our mystical experience was now underway.

Soon we were ringing the doorbell to the Psychic’s office and exchanging pleasantries with her.

Becky went first and as I sat and observed the ongoing reading, I did my best not to fixate on the psychic’s poorly plucked eyebrows.

Becky was pleased with the cards she pulled and how our psychic interpreted them. I found out about an interesting recurring dream Becky had been having nearly her whole life. It was interesting stuff, but I still had my doubts about whether the psychic was legit.

Word to the wise: Have this experience with only good friends, because you never know what may come out in the session and you don’t want to suddenly feel “exposed” with the wrong people in the room.

Every time Becky heard something that resonated with her current experience, she’d look my way as if to say, “See! She’s the real deal!” but I didn’t take my gaze off the psychic.

I’m leery of being taken advantage of and just protective like that. I didn’t want to give the psychic any inkling that I was convinced of her powers…yet.

Why couldn’t I just relax into the moment and enjoy the ride?

Perhaps all those stories of the psychic fraud best known as Miss Cleo got to me. I wonder if she ever got her fake Jamaican accent down.

Soon, it was my turn and I recall thinking, “Here goes $45 bucks…” as I switched chairs with my friend.

I cut the cards three ways and performed my little Vegas style shuffling act, then…with skeptical mind, delicate fingers, and eyes wide shut, I picked out ten Tarot cards.

Never did I expect what could’ve happened next to happen next.

I was totally called out by my psychic!

The cards I drew all pertained to me only. There was no baby card, no mention of anyone from my past, no relationship card (’cause psychic said my relationship “didn’t need to be fixed”), nope…it was all about me.

Great! As if I don’t already anaylze myself enough. The most prominent cards in my deck were

The Queen of Pentacles

Mastery of building new and fulfilling worlds by nurturing the creative aspects of life. A talented energy – family oriented and charitable. She tends to become despondent at times, retiring inward for rejuvenation. She possesses the finest of the “quieter” qualities – greatness of heart, strong intuition and instinct. She is a quiet, hard working, practical, sensible person – fully aware of her “inner” self. She knows and believes in herself and the magic of her life.

The Queen of Swords

Mental, assertive, perfectionist, protective, ambitious mother. Mother of solutions, philosophical, studious, alert, direct – good director. A knowledgeable leader. Tactician, fighter, mother of ideas and ideals ruled by the drive of the heart. Highly informed, good communicator, mother of technology and invention – channel for thought. Here is the source of the will to achieve, to maximize the potential of the self.

Psychic woman proceeded to tell me…

“You are a person who doesn’t open up…”

“You don’t reveal yourself easily or at all sometimes…”

“You are very protective…”

“You have zero patience…”

“You need to take a chill pill.”

Errrrr! No she di’n’t say that! Oh yes, she did. She went there.

Deep within, I was like, “Whoa! How does she know this about me?” My eyes got big, I could see Becky from the corner of my eye giggling and looking toward me.

The psychic and I stared each other down.

It appeared she was saying with her eyes, “Doubt me now?”

I wanted to laugh, but instead surrendered and said, “You’re good.”

She continued on and told me that I have dealt with a lot of envy and jealousy in my life, that I have gifts, hence my fear of rejection, of judgment, and my instinct to protect myself, but then she came back to my need for patience, because good things were coming my way and I needed to simply let them come in their own time.

We all want to be “seen” yet we are so afraid to be seen for who we really are.

What parts of you want to come out and play? Why do you think you’re keeping the best and most unique aspects of yourself under wraps? Tight-lipped? Completely hidden? It boils down to fear. One that doesn’t exist except within your own mind.

Psychic lady seemed to be able to see every bit of me, namely the sides of me that I don’t always admit to or want to reveal.

She told me that I needed to pat myself on the back, that I worried about things I didn’t need to worry about, and that I needed to practice what I preach.

Ouch. Sizzle. Burnnnn.

I may be the woman saying, “You are a Masterpiece. Live accordingly,” yet another woman was making it very clear that I am human and will have moments when The Convivial Woman needs to be reminded to walk her talk. The talk?

Love yourself.


Believe in yourself.

When you’re doing meaningful work, you cannot escape the healing effect and impact it will also have on you.

You’re bound to face the feelings and thought patterns that hold you back, that must be dissolved in order to fulfill the purpose of being YOU.

After my impressive encounter with a psychic, I know this even more now:

In sharing The Convivial Woman’s message with the world, I must be willing to share HER with the world. Her being me. This isn’t always the easiest thing for me to do.

It’s a continual gamble and ever-spiraling learning curve for anyone willing to put themselves, their words, their ideas, their beliefs, their art out into the public eye. Are you one of those willing, courageous, defiantly creative spirits?

Sharing who you are 100% with the world is difficult, yet it’s so simple.

Fear is a life long companion when it comes to putting yourself and your ideas out into the world, but it’s your choice to let it control you or not.

Every day is your opportunity to express you, all of you.

Overall, I was impressed with my first psychic experience. If you ever decide to do it, remember this…

Take what you want from each experience and remember the person whose interpretation matters most is yours.

Keep learning, keep moving forward, and be sure to bring a convivial friend or two along for the ride!


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yep…..got it

Love Yourself
Believe in yourself

25 Apr 12

You know I love this post! Especially this: “Fear is a life long companion when it comes to putting yourself and your ideas out into the world, but it’s your choice to let it control you or not.” Thank YOU for sharing your beautiful mind with the world. 🙂 xo


Of all people who I know would be moved by that line, it’d be you, my fellow entrepreneur! Always love to see you drop by for a brief pick me up, Steph! Love LOVE love to you.


So glad to hear it resonated with you, Norma!


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