Follow the Compass of Your Personal Beliefs

Are you the kind of person who doesn’t take whatever life someone tries to hand you, impose upon you, convince you of, create for you?

Good. That’s what you call someone awake and alive and exercising the free will and power they were born with.

In reviewing some notes of recent things I’ve written, but am not ready to fully share yet, I do want to stop for a moment and share this nugget with you:

You are here to express the masterpiece within you, to live according to all that YOU believe, not what others want you to believe.

The moment you start questioning, that’s the moment you start living.

Open your eyes. Be a sponge. Take your life in your hands as a baby does and explore, observe, taste, and even fumble with it. It’s all just an experience, an opportunity to be. here. now.

Stay open to the lessons the world wants to present you by way of…

the people you cross paths with,
the places you visit,
the feelings and yearnings that linger and haunt you,
the relationships you are challenged by,
whatever and whomever you come into contact with…

Life is attempting to offer you a new, more wild education that is certain to bring you back to the essence of and the original creation that is you.

Let me know in the comments below where you see your compass pointing you these days, how and about what are your personal beliefs changing? What do you think is provoking that change?


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Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.

After days and days of battling my own resistance, I sort-of stumbled, just yesterday, on the reality that my personal beliefs ARE what I am to write on. And why was I thinking anything different?

Amazing how many lessons present themselves and yet how hard we can be to teach.

‘Appreciate you…


I’m so happy to hear you moved past that block, I know exactly what you mean by the resistance that we experience…it’s that beautiful mind of ours constantly getting in the way of what our heart wants to share, knows deep within to say. Thank you for your sweet note and I appreciate you too Ronna! Keep up your good work, much love.


About grabbing life like a baby does…
I really think we need to be more like our babies! They are great at allowing themselves to grow by degrees and don’t give up just because they can’t do something the first time they try.

They go from not being able to control their body much to walking/practically running in just 1 year. But they don’t do that all at once! They learn and grow by degrees.

Too often we beat ourselves up because something we’re trying to do doesn’t work out the very first time. We see ourselves as “failures” or “incapable” when that’s really not the case.

Babies don’t go from just lying there to walking. They learn to move their legs, then roll, then scoot, then hold themselves up on all fours, then crawl, then stand, then step, then walk, and then run.

Imagine what would happen if a baby gave up trying to roll, or crawl, or stand, or walk the first time they tried. Babies fail over and over and over and over again on actions we, as adults, so easily perform that we often take them for granted, and yet our babies just keep at it until they can do it. We could really learn a thing or two from that!


You’re on point, Stacie! I admire and am an avid spectator to my two boys everyday quest to learn something new, to use their bodies in some new way, and I aspire to be the same way too. I love your line, “Babies fail over and over and over and over again…yet our babies keey at it until they can do it.” It’s all an experiment my friend and fellow mama.


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