Open Your Eyes…Follow Your Heart…Act, Doubt, Act, Doubt, Act, BE.


Take time to reach God, reach creation, reach you.

(God. Creation. You.)


Behold it. Become it.


Be Impeccable With Your Word


The Infamous Writer’s Question

For as long as I’ve called myself a writer, there is always the infamous question posed by others about my craft, “So…what do you write?” Many times before, I’d draw a blank. What do I write? Is there a name for it? I mean, a specific one? I was being asked to label what I wrote, and I’m not a fan of labels. I felt cornered to give it a name, as if it was the same thing each time I wrote, the same message, the same impact. And it never is. Only now have I figured out the simple truth about what I write and all gratitude goes to Beat generation writer, Jack Kerouac. According to Jack, and now me, “I write how I feel.” Simple and true. However, this answer may not satisfy inquiring minds, but let me continue with what Jack once said: “Write how you feel, because feeling is the essence of intellect, because without feeling nothing can be known…” Jack’s idea can easily transfer over into every day life, as well. Recently, I was reminded by a dear friend that we are here to take nothing away with us; only to experience. As a writer, I am here to experience, to feel all that I can, and to express it in a way that is true to me. I am nothing other than pure energy and feeling in this world.


Say Yes To You

“If you say YES to yourself, if you let your imagination fly, if you open one stuck, fear-wharped door, other doors you never even noticed fly open, pushed by a spirit strong as a hurricane.”

Beverly Donofrio, author of Riding in Cars with Boys

Say “Yes” to people and experiences that nourish your spirit; it’s mandatory, top priority. Me, myself, and I…take care of numero uno and the rest falls into place.


Fail Fast. – Seth Godin



Spare some Change?

Spare change…we hear it as the folks ring the Salvation Army bells at Christmas time…we hear it from homeless people, the less fortunate…and we only think in terms of money…but what about the literal sense- Can YOU spare some CHANGE? Life Changes? How deep will you dig into your own pockets for that kind of change?


Fifteen – The Age of Innocence

I happened to catch the song, Fifteen, by young artist Taylor Swift and am taken back to the time when I was that age. She sings about how at age fifteen, “this is right before you know who you’re gonna be,” how this is the time when you’re suppose to find out who you’re suppose to be.

When I hear that lyric, I am transported back to my younger self, a sophomore in high school, and walking home alone – as I usually preferred. The noise of the passing traffic, occasional birds chirping, and the myriad thoughts flowing through my mind were enough company. I was thinking about the word “vocation” and pondering what my own could be. Without much thought, the word “writer” came to mind. That was the first time I realized that I was a writer, that that was the form of self-expression that chose me. That idea of being a writer has taken on many forms since that moment in my life. Of course, I had been expressing myself through journals since age nine, and twenty years later, nothing has changed. I am grateful to know my vocation; how I choose to fulfill it in this life is ever-changing, always evolving, but as long as I share myself with the world in this way, then I know benefits are inevitable for me and whoever chooses to read my words.

Who were you at fifteen? What’s your vocation?


Tour The World. Then Recreate It.



Stop Waiting

Wishing is easy. Doing is harder. Different, better, more memorable experiences call for different, better, more memorable intentions, efforts and language.

Stop waiting for others to make YOUR move.

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