Embrace Your Inner Girl

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I’m capable of telling it like it is and capsizing boats that merit sinking, but I haven’t always gone “there” for fear of how I might be perceived or no longer received. GASP. An image-conscious, convivial woman?

I wish I could say it isn’t so, but it’s one of the biggest challenges for women (raising my hand) to overcome before reaching

The convivial promise land of “This is who I am, this is how I live…take it or leave it.”

Thankfully, we have a TED talk like the one given by Eve Ensler, creator of The Vagina Monologues (pictured above) to remind women how important it is to (more…)


The Ever Inquisitive Bohemian

Bohemians…aren’t they always questioning?

Not only questioning. Defying, rebelling, transgressing, transforming, embracing risk, excess and the idea of Utopia. Bohemians have backbone. They’re willing to suffer for their beliefs, their art. They don’t sell out. They are iconoclastic, incendiary, bombastically volatile and gracefully volatile, sometimes surreal. They have poetry. The Bohemian is drunk on words…

-Excerpt from Bohemian Manifesto: A Field Guide to Living on the Edge by Lauren Stover


America The Beautiful: America The Beauty Obsessed

I just finished watching the documentary, America The Beautiful, and am grateful to director, Darryl Roberts for offering such a memorable experience for me, a woman, who thankfully feels extremely appreciative of her body and how its served her in life. I highly recommend this film and hope its message reaffirms the love you have within for your mind, body and soul. Be good to yourself and love who you are just as you are.

To learn more about the film, read the synopsis here and check out this trailer:


If you don’t decide for yourself what you want to get out of life, someone else will probably end up deciding for you. -Chris Guillebeau


The Bossy Bohemian

Bossy Bohemian…one of many ways I see myself. What’s this alter-ego like? She, well, me…better yet, I view the world with an open, winding, ever-expansive mind. Always questioning, searching for the lesson, the teacher, the meaning in everything. I’m intrigued by and attracted to words like gypsy,vagabond, artist and entrepreneur, but commit to no labels, belong in zero categories. I’m a humble snob. A possible combo in my own little private Bohemia. I pave my own path, make my own judgment of character and circumstances, and choose relationships and experiences that cause my spirit to rise up and say “Cheers.” I shower and choose to let days, weeks pass without razor in hand, giving in to my curiosity to see how long armpit hair can grow. With intention to spoil the man in my life, I slowly and gracefully shave…taking such precious moments to smile and appreciate the sweet, subtle scents of my body while considering all the ways she has worked for me. A simple act of maintenance turns into a moment of gratitude, of being present, which in turn conjures up my respect for the female anatomy, my love for her…for me…for humanity. I am not mistaken for someone who lets herself go. No, I am certainly well-groomed, definitely put together, consciously standing tall before you. I say how I feel, eat close to nature, and love how I look. I dress in turquoise and indigo and know the effects such hues can have on the spirit, how they can penetrate through to my inner being and guarantee a stronger, more confident stride, hence footprint on this round mother of an earth. I’m sassy and compassionate, accepting and kind toward my fellow woman, flower, man, child, creature, land. I say what my tongue craves…motherfucker among the favorites. I dabble in this and that and don’t worry about a profession “defining” me. However, make no mistake about my professionalism. I happily wander, get lost, find my way again, then get lost again, and wander off again. It’s confusing, I know. I am. To you. To me. And guess what? It’s all good. I’ll be misunderstood most times, by most people, and I won’t be liked sometimes, many times, but it’s all part of the game and every new day I get to play, I understand more. Patience and faith are good friends of mine and I continually take risks and step forward into the unknown with eyes wide open knowing the answers await me. Bossy bohemian…it’s my way of being and it gets me through this convivial life. So as I dance my way back into the every day routine of things, I sign off and encourage you to go on with your bad-bossy-bohemian self, girl. We all have a bit of her in us.


Discover Your Style and Make a Statement

I’m a faithful supporter of Danielle LaPorte’s site called White Hot Truth and am grateful for the moment in time we shared at her exclusive Austin, Texas Fire Starter Session in September 2009. Her energy was radiant, sexy, alluring, enlightening-my kind of company. She co-authored the book Style Statement and so I got a copy to appease my curiosity and potentially discover more about myself and what I wanted to say to the world. After some serious fun scribbling down and analyzing all the little idiosyncrasies that make up who I am, I discovered (well, already knew but wanted the confirmation) that my style statement is:
Genuine / Sensual. Ultimately, I have the final say about who I am and this book’s conclusions about me are not the end all, but I’d still like to recommend the experience of getting to know oneself better via the Style Statement book. If you’re interested in causing the gems that make up your mind, body and soul to surface and reveal themselves, grab a copy of the book and get started answering some pretty intimate and intriguing questions about yourself. I’ll post my personal notes and insights gathered from this fun experience at a later time.

Learn more about finding your Style Statement here.


The Infamous Writer’s Question

For as long as I’ve called myself a writer, there is always the infamous question posed by others about my craft, “So…what do you write?” Many times before, I’d draw a blank. What do I write? Is there a name for it? I mean, a specific one? I was being asked to label what I wrote, and I’m not a fan of labels. I felt cornered to give it a name, as if it was the same thing each time I wrote, the same message, the same impact. And it never is. Only now have I figured out the simple truth about what I write and all gratitude goes to Beat generation writer, Jack Kerouac. According to Jack, and now me, “I write how I feel.” Simple and true. However, this answer may not satisfy inquiring minds, but let me continue with what Jack once said: “Write how you feel, because feeling is the essence of intellect, because without feeling nothing can be known…” Jack’s idea can easily transfer over into every day life, as well. Recently, I was reminded by a dear friend that we are here to take nothing away with us; only to experience. As a writer, I am here to experience, to feel all that I can, and to express it in a way that is true to me. I am nothing other than pure energy and feeling in this world.


Stop Being A Baby

“Stop being a baby!” We’re all very familiar and personally acquainted with that message. We’ve heard it as a baby from our parents because they wanted us to “act right” versus “act out.” And we continue to tell ourselves the same thing as adults when things don’t go our way. But at what point in our lives do we ever stop being a baby? NEVER. We will always have our moments where we need to whine, vent, cry, let it out, act out…so here’s your reminder, because you know you need it:

BE A DAMN BABY.Don’t be afraid to act out your true emotions. Let yourself be a baby. And THEN, just as babies do, GET OVER IT. Move on. Find a new distraction. Find a new task. Find a new pleasure. Have some new fun. Find your happiness again. BE A BABY.


Tour The World. Then Recreate It.



The First Gift


On the way to San Miguel de Allende, my husband and I met a man named Bruce who lived in San Miguel with his wife, Jennifer and two-year-old son, Blaze. First of all, what a cool name for a kid! Second, the parents were even cooler.

There was an instant connection with Bruce and my hubby, so they exchanged numbers and we met up for breakfast a few days later. We were going to eat at Buena Vida Cafe across from Bellas Artes, but they were closed for construction, then headed to La Parroquia Cafe nextdoor to El Tecolote Bookstore and the same story, so we ended up at El Pegaso Restaurant and Bar located on Calle Correo.

I felt just as comfortable with Jennifer as Martin did with Bruce, so the conversation was on! Of course, Martin and I were so curious to hear about how this American couple with a nice, big American baby made the journey to this foreign colonial town to live life. The journey started with just the two of them wanting to visit San Miguel de Allende to learn Spanish and the bigger decision to make a life there was as simple as a moment when Bruce and Jennifer,(newlyweds then) were sitting on a bench at the Jardin, and Bruce turned to Jennifer to say, “Just get me here, ” and Jennifer replied, “Okay. ” It’s been three years since that fateful moment.

In between a few bites of my delicious breakfast of Chilaquiles Verdes, Bruce said something that stayed with me.
In discussing their life raising Blaze in San Miguel, he said, “This is our first gift to our son…dual citizenship in two countries, learning two languages, and being immersed in two cultures so opposite from another.” What a broader sense of the world he will start off with all thanks to a conscious choice his parents made for him.

Martin was able to see how happy they were living in his hometown and he said, “I’ll be honest with you two…I’m jealous,” and that’s when I lovingly interjected and said, “Don’t be jealous, join the club!”

I admire this couple’s courage to try something different, to step outside their comfort zone and give something so unfamiliar a shot.

There are so many choices on how we can live our lives; our kids have little say in the beginning stages of their lives, so considering the benefits they will reap from the conscious choices we make on a daily basis is undeniably courageous and admirable.

Choose wisely.


Think Global.

No boundaries. Imagine that.


The Assertive Woman

As of Thursday evening, I reached a certain point on my life’s journey that has proved to be the right path taken. Right now, I can see myself standing on a cliff overlooking the promise land (Convivial Land) of true strength, fearlessness, and total confidence. I attended The Assertive Woman workshop conducted by Sherry Bronson of The Bronson Institute on Thursday and can say that its effects have proven immediate for me. Before I get into what I got out of it, let me just tell you how hard it seemed to get to the class (read: reach my goal/destination).

I almost didn’t make it there! I almost gave up! I almost gave in to my anger and frustration because of all of the small obstacles that were in my way as I attempted to get there. Life was certainly testing the depth of my commitment. Now, about the class…in order to be a confident, assertive woman, you must have these four things down: Self-Love, Self-Respect, Self-Worth, and Self-Image. Undoubtedly, I can say that I have three of the four down. The one that caught my eye and I feel needs work is Self-image. Now, that usually applies to how you feel about your body, everything on the outside, but I related it to my idea of what a woman’s self-image should be…at least, the messages that we have received in society about how women should behave kindly, docile, gentle, non-confrontational, etc., and what I’ve been in conflict about is trying to aspire to have that self-image of kindness yet be strong, firm, and in control of my life.

There have been various experiences in my adolescent years that have contributed to me feeling intimidated to stand up for myself, to speak my truth, but it is finally clicking within me that I do not need to remain intimidated, that I do have the power to be who I really am, in every instance, every circumstance, and with every person. With a conscious change in my perception, I was able to apply my new knowledge of being assertive the very next day. Instead of avoiding scenarios that required assertiveness, I can simply look at them as life presenting me the opportunities to overcome my weaknesses, to face my fears, and to take advantage of situations to practice a different behavior, a more empowering behavior. I am motivated about this new path that I am on. I am already changing and am so excited about this change, because it is a guarantee that I am returning to my origins, I am getting closer to being the woman I already am.

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