Be bold, Do the work & Life will respond accordingly

This will be quick, but I simply want to express my gratitude for an unexpected blessing that came my way last week and to tell you that if you show your commitment to your craft, your art, your dreams, yourSELF, and put your requests out there to be heard, to be known, to be considered, guess what? Life will respond accordingly.

As I write you, I’m on a writer’s sabbatical all this week as a result of doing just the above. I devised a plan of action to create space and time for myself to continue focusing on a project that’s been a long time coming. Before I continue, I want to ask you to be part of this experience and not miss out on anything, so be sure to…

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Back to my story… So, I put my request for space and solitude out there for the right person to hear, and as easily as I spoke it, it was granted.

I’m so grateful for what’s been provided to me all this week. I’m holed up in an undisclosed location, all by myself with my Mac, a new journal, surround sound music, a plush bed, several books, and healthy snacks galore. I have no plans to be anywhere. It’s just me, the convivial muse and I all week long. Scary and exciting!

Silence can be intimidating, but it’s needed for anything creative to come out of you.

Upon arrival, I experienced an uneasiness, had a hard time just getting situated, but soon found my groove. In between all of that, there was lots of nervous, anxious snacking! And drinking! And bathroom breaks! And changes of background music! Lots of ways to get distracted from my work, but I’m here and not going anywhere for the week.

Something productive and amazing will come out of this experience. Believe that.

I made sure to stock up on good food for the next couple of days, things like Alo Exposed (my aloe vera pulp + juice find), goji berries, blackberry caberbet ice cream (which I forgot to initially put in the freezer!) and some Guayaki brand yerba mate tea.

I’m treating myself this week to solitude, healthy food, and the sounds of Enya, Laura Pausini, Nelly Furtado, Bjork, Peter Gabriel, and more. Inspiration and creation is on the horizon…get ready for greatness Lloyd!

Now if I can make sure to get a good night’s rest, after saying my prayers to the Great Creator and putting on my eyeshades, then I’ll be set. I have a feeling that won’t be a problem with the plush bed I have all to myself!

NOTE FOR WOMEN + MOTHERS: You deserve to have time for yourself, however no one will give it to you so easily. You have to steal it for yourself. It’s good for you and your family. Remember…you gotta give yourself the oxygen mask before your loved ones get it to not only survive, but thrive in this wild, crazy, busy world we live in.

I’m about to head back into my creative cave to continue exploring and writing, but before I do that, I want to know…

What are some unexpected blessings that have come your way recently? What do you want to boldly ask for, right now, to get your creative spirit fired up, to reconnect with the living work of art in you? Share your thoughts in the comments below or send me an email at

Declare what you desire, put them out in the open, give them air to breathe.
The more courage you express in speaking boldly and asking for what you want, the more you will see how Life wants to respond to you.

Convivially yours,

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Work! Clients! 🙂

Earlier this year I thought to myself, “There are probably other online business owners out there that could use my help.” So I began LOOKING for them instead of just thinking about it, and guess what? There ARE! I found one within my first 24 hours of seeking. It’s amazing. I don’t even have a website or ads about services I provide or anything like that and yet I find myself connected with some WONDERFUL and inspiring people to work with. <3 <3 <3 #thankful #thankful #thankful 😀


I love that you took this time for yourself. I have learned that is important. I loved reading your post. Very inspiring.


Thanks Denise, I wish for every woman to be willing to take this time for herself. It’s so rejuvenating and it truly brings you back home fully charged and eager to make a difference in the life of your family!


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